Ortho FAQ'S

An orthodontist is a dental specialist in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of facial irregularities known as malocclusion.

Orthodontists have completed dental school, just as your family dentist has, but have also had 2 – 3 years of additional training (called a “residency”). During this residency, the orthodontist learns not only about placing braces on teeth, he also studies the growth and development of the jaws. This extensive study allows orthodontists to determine developing bite problems at very early ages.

You should visit an orthodontist if you are experiencing any teeth alignment or bite problems, or even if you just have some questions about these issues.

Everyone’s teeth develop differently, and so being evaluated by an orthodontist can help you determine whether there is a problem, or if what you are experiencing is just normal variation in tooth development.

When force is applied to the roots of the teeth with the braces and the wire, the cells in the bone and tissues surrounding the tooth root are stimulated into action. Cells in the body called Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts respectively add and remove bone. Pressure at the bracket produces pressure and tension (pulling) at the root of the tooth, which causes tooth movement and remodeling of bone.