Treatment Process

Your Path to a Straighter, Healthier Smile

You probably know that orthodontic treatment is a way to straighten your teeth and achieve a beautiful smile. But did you know that these aren’t the only benefits?

Orthodontic treatment is an opportunity to improve the functionality of the teeth and bite, correct facial imbalance, facilitate better oral hygiene, properly prepare for restorations and/or implants, improve sleep, and boost self-esteem.

Thanks to technological advancements, orthodontics has come a long way. We use the most recent technology, such as a 3D scanner, which eliminates the need for gooey impression materials that are not popular with patients.

Plus, we have a range of options – including traditional metal braces, ceramic braces and Invisalign – that help us best meet the unique needs of each client. 

6 Steps to a Straighter Smile

Although there are differences between traditional braces and Invisalign treatment, the general process for both follows the steps below.

surrey braces


Initial Consultation & Plan

The first consultation at Fraser Valley Orthodontics will include a thorough exam, discussion of your dental history, and X-rays. From this meeting, we will determine whether your condition requires braces and, if so, what the most appropriate treatment is, and how long it will take.


Treatment Begins

If we are treating you with traditional braces, we will ‘put them on’ at the beginning of your treatment plan. With Invisalign, we will start you with the first set of retainers. Treatment  typically lasts anywhere from 8 – 48 months, but will vary depending on your condition and smile goals. 


Regular Appointments

During adjustment appointments, your orthodontist evaluates the movement of your teeth and the progress made. This allows for adjustments to the elastics (braces) or other recommendations that may improve the final outcome of the treatment plan.


Living With Invisalign or Braces

It is important to maintain proper oral hygiene whether you are wearing braces or clear aligners. Depending on the type of treatment, your orthodontist will make suggestions for living successfully with Invisalign or braces.


Removal of Invisalign or Braces

When your braces treatment is complete, we remove the braces safely and gently by breaking the bond between the brackets and your teeth. This is a painless process. With Invisalign, of course, the process is easier!


Recovery & Aftercare

After wire braces have been removed, a retainer is typically recommended for a number of months. At the next check up after your braces are removed, our team will clean any left-over adhesive off your teeth.